Make sure your school has a volunteer registered for every three teams going to the meet.  Even if you only have one or two teams, you still need a volunteer.  Please register them online as well.  They don’t need to attend any training sessions.  They will be assigned a 3 hour time slot and role at the regional meet or set-up the night before.  Volunteers are different from judges but are very necessary to the success of the event.

2018-2019 Volunteer Registration


1st-You need to make sure you have a judge that will represent your team, meaning they will attend judges’ training on FEBRUARY 9th at St. Louis Catholic School and they will judge all day at the meet on MARCH 9th with the knowledge that they will not see their child’s team perform.  (You may need to check with your coordinator to see if they have judges and volunteers to represent your team).

2nd-Sit down with your judge to help them register.  They will need to know the school’s membership number, the problem your team is doing (1-5 or Primary), as well as the coaches’ name and email.  They also need to have an idea about what the different problems are and judging roles are so they can give a preference as to what they are interested in judging, and their T-shirt size since they get one to wear at the event.  Coaches should NOT register the judge without them there.  It is recommended that coaches sit down and do it with them so they understand what it entails.  They do not need to judge the same problem of the team they are representing.  Judges must be registered and have checked that they are representing your team with the appropriate information so the coach will be able to register their team.  If they don’t, your team will not be able to register.

2018-2019 Judges’ Registration

3rd-Once your judge is registered, you can register your team.  Make sure you indicate conflicts or special needs on the form so we are aware of them for scheduling purposes.  The schedule is very complex since we will be accommodating over 100 teams many who need to compete in both spontaneous and long-term.  The registration fee is $75 per team.  This has enabled us to have a PAYPAL option, so you can pay for the team’s registration online instead of having to send a check.  That said, checks will still be accepted.  Be sure to get your registration done before January 16, 2019.  Late fees will be added after that.

2018-2019 Tournament Registration