Register Your Volunteers!

Now that your teams and judges are all registered, please make sure you have registered volunteers to serve at the regional meet for 2-hour periods using the link below:

If you know people willing to fill all day volunteer roles, we would love to have them register as well.  No training is required, and they could have the fun job of greeting teams for spontaneous, serving food to hungry judges, or selling clever knick-knacks at concessions.

Remember a judge is not the same as a volunteer.  A judge fills a different role in the tournament as they must be trained and work all day at the regional meet on March 17th.

The volunteers register and work for 2 hours either the Friday evening before the meet to help set up or during the meet on March 17th.  Also, typically, our volunteer coordinator can schedule your volunteer so they are able to see their child perform.  However, when teams or coordinators can register volunteers that do not have a child performing, like a teacher or community member, it makes scheduling even easier.  Failure to provide volunteers may result in your school’s teams receiving penalties.  Please use the guide on the chart below to determine how many volunteers your school/organization must provide and get them registered within the next two weeks.


Number of teams registered from our school

Number of volunteers our school must provide.















  See the pattern?


More Judges Needed!

If you have a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance who you think might be interested in serving as a judge for our region, please ask!  All it requires is …
1. Registering online:
hopefully within the next week or two since we need to figure out who will serve where.
2. Attending the mandatory training from 8:00a.m.- approximately 1:30 p.m. at St. Louis Catholic School on Sat. Feb. 24th (snowdate the following Saturday)
3. Serving all day 7:00 a.m. -about 4:00 p.m. at West Potomac H.S. on March 17, 2018. For this, you get breakfast, lunch, a cool t-shirt and a memorable experience which will convince you that young people have an amazing potential to creatively solve problems with a team.

This year we are suffering from a lack of judges. Most people aren’t aware that on top of the one judge that each team provides, many additional judges are needed to make the meet run smoothly. We are running short and would appreciate any help you might give us in spreading the word.

Registration for Problem 5: A Stellar Hangout Is Closed

Due to an overwhelming number of teams doing Problem 5 again this year and insufficient number of judges to run an additional site, we are closing registration for Problem 5.  We sincerely hope all teams have either registered on been in contact with us about any difficulties registering by now.  Late fees are in effect and we will be closing registration altogether by the end of January.  Please contact immediately if you intend to register for our regional tournament on March 17 at West Potomac H.S. and haven’t done so already.


Lost and Found

Someone dropped their Gold’s Gym Membership card at the Coaches’ Meeting last Wednesday.  If it’s yours, please email

Make sure you’re all set with registration.  (Use the Registration Links on the Registration Page.)
1.  Have you registered a judge to represent your team and made sure they are able to attend training and the meet?
2.  Have you registered your team for the regional meet at West Potomac?
3.  Have you sent $65 to our treasurer or paid online using paypal?  (Late fees of $25 per week have already begun.)
4.  Have you or your school’s coordinator registered a volunteer online (1 for every three teams) to work for a two hour stint at the regional meet?

Good News!

After many requests from coaches, we’ve extended the deadline for ordering t-shirts to SUNDAY, JANUARY 21st!  With only 58 days until the competition on MARCH 17th, we can’t extend it any longer than that, though, so get your orders in before the weekend is complete!

Here’s the order form for your convenience:  odyssey-t-shirt-order-form-2018-revised


A Big Day on the Nova East Calendar
* Our Coaches’ Meeting with Problem Captains from 7:00-8:00 p.m. at Campbell Elementary School (except Problem 3-Mockumentary)
* Online judge and team registrations are due.
* $65 per team registration for the regional tournament is due. Please include your school name, problem, membership number, and coach’s name on the check or use pay pal online when you register you team.
* Teams that have not paid and registered online will incur late fees of an additional $25 per week after Jan. 17.
* T-shirt orders are due.

Spontaneous Workshop – A Few Spots Left

This Spontaneous Workshop is conducted in a “tournament like” environment – it is NOT a competition!

Each Team performs two spontaneous problems and then watches another team perform two problems.  Team members plus coaches (limit 2) can participate.   Partial teams and substitute coaches are welcome to participate if necessary.   Each team must provide a volunteer / judge to help us make the workshop a success.  The coach can be our volunteer/judge as long as the team has someone to serve as the coach for the team.  Cost is $80 per team.  Sorry – no Primary teams.

Click this link for more information and to register:


On JANUARY 17; 7:00 PM – 8:00PM  we will be having an optional, but valuable, meeting for all coaches at Campbell Elementary School; 737 S. Carlin Springs Road, Arlington, VA, 22204  (Drive around the back of the school to park near the playground and walk up the covered walkway which leads to the main entrance).  The meeting will start in the library which is just inside the door.   There is no fee for this meeting, and no food will be served, but this is a great time to ask questions directly to the person who knows your problem inside and out.  You will spend most of the evening with the person who is in charge of the specific problem on which your team is working.  The Problem Captain for Problem 3, Mockumentary,  is not able to make it this year, but if you have concerns you can contact her by email,
     This meeting is also a great time to pay your team’s registration for the regional meet   It is $65 per team, and this is different from the school’s membership which your school paid to get you access to the problems.  The $65 allows your team to compete at the regional meet at West Potomac High School on March 17, 2018.  This fee may also be paid using PayPal online at the time you register your team for the meet.  You may also want to order your team’s t-shirts on this evening if they have decided to order them.

‘Tis the Season

While you have a few free days courtesy of winter break, perhaps you’re pulling together a few Odyssey of the Mind details…registering for the regional competition, overseeing your team’s script writing, watching in awe as your team creates incredible costumes…

And here’s one more way you can spend some time – ordering your team’s Odyssey of the Mind 2018 t-shirts!  Everything you’ll need is located right here – pictures of the winning design (selected by Odyssey of the Mind participants and their coaches) and information on how to order.  Hurry!  You only have until January 17th!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to purchase this year’s t-shirt by printing out the  Odyssey T-Shirt Order Form 2018 Revised and returning it to the NoVa East OM treasurer by JANUARY 17th!


Coaches of Region 11 teams who plan to attend the regional meet at West Potomac High School on March 17, 2018 need to focus on this ASAP.

1st-You need to make sure you have a judge that will represent your team, meaning they will attend judges’ training on Feb. 24th at St. Louis Catholic School and they will judge all day at the meet on March 17 with the knowledge that they will not see their child’s team perform.  (You may need to check with your coordinator to see if they have judges and volunteers to represent your team).

2nd-Sit down with your judge to help them register.  They will need to know the school’s membership number, the problem your team is doing (1-5 or Primary), as well as the coaches’ name and email.  They also need to have an idea about what the different problems are and judging roles are so they can give a preference as to what they are interested in judging, and their T-shirt size since they get one to wear at the event.  Coaches should NOT register the judge without them there.  It is recommended that coaches sit down and do it with them so they understand what it entails.  They do not need to judge the same problem of the team they are representing.  Judges must be registered and have checked that they are representing your team with the appropriate information so the coach will be able to register their team.  If they don’t, your team will not be able to register.

3rd-Once your judge is registered, you can register your team.  Make sure you indicate conflicts or special needs on the form so we are aware of them for scheduling purposes.  The schedule is very complex since we will be accommodating over 100 teams many who need to compete in both spontaneous and long-term.  This year, the fee has increased to $65 per team.  This has enabled us to have a PAYPAL option, so you can pay for the team’s registration online instead of having to send a check.  That said, checks will still be accepted.  Be sure to get your registration done before the Nova East Coaches’ Meeting on January 17th.  Late fees will be added after that.

4th-Make sure your school has a volunteer registered for every three teams going to the meet.  Even if you only have one or two teams, you still need a volunteer.  Please register them online as well.  They don’t need to attend any training sessions.  They will be assigned a 2 hour time slot and role at the regional meet or set-up the night before.  Volunteer are different from judges but are very necessary to the success of the event.

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