The Pre-Final Regional Tournament Schedule

Coaches & Coordinators:  Please look this over carefully to make sure there aren’t any errors.  We tried our best to honor any requests that were made in advance to our scheduler, Brian, or put in the comment’s section. If you are coaching multiple teams, he made sure your long-terms do not overlap; however, you may need to have another adult get your other team to their spontaneous check-in.  If you see errors in this schedule, please contact Brian, and Pam,, as soon as possible, and at the latest by Friday, Feb. 22.  The FINAL schedule will be put up next weekend.

OotM Pre-final Schedule 2018-19


Please remember that in addition to having a judge for each team, your school needs to provide a volunteer for every three teams they have presenting at the meet on March 9.  Those volunteers register through this link and will be assigned to work for 2 hours during the meet to help us with things like checking in teams for spontaneous, organizing food for judges, registration, concessions, etc.

Please make sure your school has registered volunteers by Friday, February 15th so our volunteer coordinator can get the assignments organized and send out emails letting people know what they will be doing to help and when they must report.  Odyssey does not function without volunteers of all sorts, and we appreciate all the help you send us.

Number of Volunteers Needed per School

# of teams at your school # of volunteers you must provide
1 1
2 1
3 1
4 2
5 2
6 2
7 3

2018-2019 Volunteer Registration Link


Judges’ Training

Next Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019, Nova East will be holding their mandatory Judges’ Training at St. Louis Catholic School on Popkins Lane. Registration begins at 8 a.m., a light breakfast will be served, and we will begin our opening remarks at 8:15, earlier than usual. We hope to finish by 12:30 this year. Judges should receive an email this week about their role with support attachments, but even if they don’t they should still attend.  Sometimes there are problems with the email and it goes to SPAM.  Coordinators and Coaches, remind the judges representing your teams about this important commitment.


Nova East, Region 11 Meet Registration Closed for 2019

Hopefully all teams have registered for our regional meet on March 9th since it is now only a month away.  We have closed our online registration as we needed to finalize our numbers to begin scheduling teams for the day.  If your team is not yet registered and intended upon performing at our regional meet, please contact us immediately to see if there is any way we may be able to include your team in the meet.

It’s T-Shirt Time!

Attention Coaches:  Now’s the time to find out from your team if they want to order our official 2019 Nova East Odyssey of the Mind T-shirt!  This year they will be black with a texting theme.  (see plan below)  This is a great fundraiser for Nova East, so we encourage team members to purchase shirts.  Very few will be available for purchase the day of the event, so let your team members know and send in your orders and payment to our treasurer by February 6th.  When they come in, we’ll let you know and you can arrange to pick them up from one of our board members the week of the meet.

odyssey t-shirt order form 2019 v2

om tshirt 2019



When: Wednesday, January 16 from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Where:  Campbell Elementary School, 737 S. Carlin Springs Rd., Arlington, VA 22204 (Park in the back of the school by the playground and enter through Door 1.  The meeting will begin in the library.)

Who: All coaches, new and experienced, are welcome! (Note: This is an adult-only event.)


  • Learn tips and hints from the Problem Captains
  • Meet other coaches working on the same problem and hear what they are asking
  • Get registration help
  • Pay your Regional Tournament Fees
  • Pick up Regional T-Shirt order forms
  • Ask questions about the tournament

Reminder: The Regional Tournament registration and payment are due on Wednesday, January 16 to avoid late fees of $25 per week.

  • Registration by the deadline is the only way to ensure your team is scheduled to compete in the problem of their choice.

Optional Coaches’ Meeting

Time:  This Wednesday, January 16 from 7:00-8:30 p.m.
(If Arlington Public Schools are closed, the meeting will be cancelled or postponed)
Location:  Campbell Elementary School, 737 S. Carlin Springs Rd., Arlington, VA 22204(Park in the back by the playground and enter through Door 1.  The meeting will begin in the library.)
Purpose:  Break out sessions for each problem will begin after some brief announcements.  This is a great time to ask questions of your problem captain about the specific problem your team is working on.
Board members will be there to accept payment for your team’s registration for the regional meet and answer general questions about registration and the regional meet in March.
Keep in mind that registration and payment are due on Wednesday, January 16 to avoid late fees of $25 per week and ensure your team is scheduled to compete in the problem of their choice.  This is an adult-only event.  

Registration Help!

Odyssey judge and team online registrations and fees are due next week on Wed. Jan 16.  If you have issues contact our registration coordinator, Pam Wilkie, at 703-568-0697.

Register those judges, so you can register your team!

Coaches:  Just a reminder that the judge representing your team at the regional meet needs to be registered online and must indicate that they are representing your team by putting in the school’s membership number and the email address of the coach of the team they are representing.  This is imperative so teams may register.  Make sure you register your judge and team by Wednesday, January 16th, or your team will be charged a $25 late fee/week as a penalty for late registration and they are not guaranteed a slot of the schedule competing in the problem of their choice.  If you are having difficulty finding a judge, you many want to:

1. Let potential judges know that they may attend training in another region if they have a conflict on Feb. 9th when Nova East will hold our training.  They must, however, contact us in advance, so we can let the other region know and let them know the problem they are to be trained on. The other training that’s close by is:

Nova North Odyssey of the Mind

Location: AT&T
3033 Chain Bridge Road
Oakton, VA 22124
Date: Saturday, February 23, 2019
Time: Runs from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM

2.  Appeal to teachers at your school.  It is a one and a half day commitment, but with the principal’s permission, teachers can get up to 13 hours of recertification credit.  Letters are available upon request at the regional meet on March 9th.


It’s time to register for the regional meet at West Potomac High School on March 9, 2019!
If you haven’t done so already, find a judge that will represent your team.
  *  Judges will attend the mandatory judges’ training on FEBRUARY 9th at St. Louis Catholic School
  *  and they will judge all day at the meet on MARCH 9th (with the knowledge that they will not see their child’s team perform).
Sit down with your judge to help them register.
  *  They will need to know the school’s membership number, the problem your team is doing (1-5 or Primary), as well as the coaches’ name and email.
  *  They also need to have an idea about what the different problems are and judging roles are so they can give a preference as to what they are interested in judging, and their T-shirt size since they get one to wear at the event.  Coaches should NOT register the judge without them there.
  *  It is recommended that coaches sit down and do it with them so they understand what it entails.
  *  They do not need to judge the same problem of the team they are representing.  Judges must be registered and have checked that they are representing your team with the appropriate information so the coach will be able to register their team.
2018-2019 Tournament Registration<>
Once your judge is registered, you can register your team.
  *  Make sure you indicate conflicts or special needs on the form so we are aware of them for scheduling purposes.
  *  The schedule is very complex since we will be accommodating almost 150 teams many who need to compete in both spontaneous and long-term.
  *  The registration fee is $75 per team.  You can pay for the team’s registration online using paypal or send a check.
  *  Be sure to get your registration done before the Nova East Coaches’ Meeting on January 16, 2019.  Late fees will be added after that.
  *  To register, click the link Odyssey of the Mind “Member Area”
    *  Enter your membership number (typically a 5 digit number) and postal code of the coordinator.
    *  Click Team registration from the menu options
    *  Select the problem and division
    *  Follow the pages to register your team members
Make sure your school has a volunteer registered for every three teams going to the meet.
  *  Even if you only have one or two teams, you still need a volunteer.
  *  Please register them online as well.  They don’t need to attend any training sessions.
  *  They will be assigned a 2 hour time slot and role at the regional meet or set-up the night before.
  *  Volunteers are different from judges but are very necessary to the success of the event.