An Important Reminder to All Odyssey Volunteers

In our current environment, we felt it necessary to remind all participants that Odyssey of the Mind is an Equal Opportunity Organization.  It is something we have been discussing with our board, and we hope all coaches, judges and volunteers will take a moment to reflect as well.  Odyssey of the Mind works to encourage creativity and promote respectful work of diverse teams so they are able to think outside the box.  We want all voices to be heard and honored.
We wish to remind all participants that regardless of one’s personal heritage or experiences home or abroad, it is important that we refrain from making statements that seem innocuous or innocent but could be considered as profiling or stereotyping a race, religion, gender, etc.
In Virginia, we are fortunate to have OMers and parents from a very wide spectrum of international cultures who are very interested in what Odyssey of the Mind has to offer in providing valuable life skills.  Odyssey of the Mind teams and team members continuously defy stereotypes all of the time. American history is filled with individuals who defied stereotypes.  There is only a glass ceiling when we install one. Thank you all for your continued service to the mission of Odyssey of the Mind.

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