World Results

The Odyssey of the Mind World Competition is now complete and teams from Region 11 had an incredible showing!!!

Gunston Middle School represented us in Problem 1, Catch Us If You Can, Division 3.  They captured 11th place at the World Finals.

Gunston Middle School Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College
Gunston Middle School team with their Buddy Team from Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College in Hong Kong
 In 9th place in the world, representing Problem 5, To Be Continued: A Superhero Cliffhanger, Division 2, was the Region 11 team from George Washington Middle School.
GW Odyssey Team
George Washington Middle School’s OM team just before their long term presentation.  Did they know they were destined for a spot in the top ten in the world??
 Our region sent a team from Lorton Station Elementary School to represent us in Problem 3, It’s Time, OMER, Division 1.  They captured an amazing 5th place finish.

Lorton Station
The team from Lorton Station Elementary School is all smiles as they prepare for its experience at the World Finals!

And last, but by no means least, earning FIRST PLACE IN THE WORLD:  the MacArthur Elementary School team solving Problem 5, To Be Continued:  A Superhero Cliffhanger, Division 1.  To read all about their accomplishment, check out the Alexandria City Public Schools Express.

MacArthur Elementary’s World Champion Team!

Super job, everybody!  For all the results from World Finals, click here:  RESULTS 2017  Are you inspired by these incredible kids?  Think you might want to be involved next year?  Then check out the 2018 Long Term Problems.  They’re posted in the “Problem Synopses” section of this website!


T-Shirt Update

If your team pre-ordered our Odyssey of the Mind T-shirts, we regret that they have not come in yet.  We have been assured that they are on their way, but once they reach our t-shirt coordinator’s house, they must be sorted and bagged for teams.  Coaches may pick up the t-shirts of their team members on the day of the event.  They will be kept behind the concessions area.  Our t-shirt coordinator, Kathleen Machan, will be around to make sure they are distributed to teams.  We are very sorry we could not have them available for pick up ahead of time.

Forms, Forms, Forms!

Forms, forms, forms!!!
1. All coaches need an emergency form for each member of their team in the event that something happens and their parent isn’t there.  (Fairfax County Public Schools require you to have these.)

2. All coaches of competitive teams (Problems 1-5) need:

   a. style forms (4 copies-one for each judge)

   b. required list, except problem 4 (4 copies-one for each judge)

   c.  cost form

   d. outside assistance form

COACHES:   All of the forms listed above can be accessed by going to the Resources tab on this website!  Keep a copy of all the above forms in case your team wins and qualifies for the state competition.  We do not keep these for you, and many teams have had to recreate them because they didn’t keep a copy.


Primary Teams

All Primary teams will compete in Quander in rooms just off the cafeteria. Volunteers at the Primary registration table will let them know which specific room when they check in.

Registration for the Nova East Regional Meet is Closed

Registration was to be done the week of January 11th, and we certainly accepted latecomers who were having problems registering or finding judges for the last couple of weeks; however, now we must close it.

We have an inordinate number of teams registered for Problem 5, and we simply can’t accommodate any more with the number of judges we have.   I apologize if you have teams who have not registered yet, but are in danger of jeopardizing the integrity of the event by accepting more teams that we simply can no longer accommodate.

 Any Extra Judges Would Be Appreciated!

 We are currently setting up the meet with fewer judges than normal.  Although we require each team to register one volunteer judge, we also rely on other volunteers who come forward to judge unaffiliated with a team.  We have less of those folks this year, and could really use some additional folks.  If you know anyone who can come on Feb. 11th and March 4th, and is willing to judge, please call in the favor.  Thanks!