Lost and Found

The items below were found or turned it at our regional meet at West Potomac High School on Saturday, March 17.  If you think one or more belong to you, please email Pamela.Clark@apsva.us to arrange a time to pick them up.  If unclaimed, all items will be donated to Goodwill on March 31.

*  A blue Columbia backpack with neon piping

*  A few yards of fuzzy white fabric in a brown paper bag

*  2 purple water bottles (one metal and one plastic)

*  A blue Orvis V-neck sweater

*  A mint-green child’s XL fleece sweatshirt


Style, List, Outside Assistance, and Cost, OH MY!


All parents need to fill out an emergency form to give to your child’s coach before the meet in case you’re separated.  This is required by Fairfax County Public Schools.

Also, ’tis the week when competitive teams will be scrambling to get together their paperwork.  Remember they need 4 copies of the style form, 4 copies of the required list, and one each of the cost form and outside assistance form.  These can be found on the Odyssey of the Mind website in the Members Area under Long Term problems.  If you have questions ask your school’s coordinator.

Tournament Newsletter!

The NoVa East Odyssey of the Mind Regional competition will be here soon and the tournament newsletter contains all of the information you need for a successful experience.  The newsletter will tell you everything you need to know about forms, parking, registration procedures, and more.  To access your copy, click here:  Tournament News NOVA EAST 2018

Judges’ Training this Coming Saturday!

Judges’ Training will take place this coming Saturday.

February 24, 2018

8:15 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (at the latest)

St. Louis Catholic School

2901 Popkins Ln, Alexandria, VA 22306

Whether you are a coach or coordinator, please make sure your judge remembers to attend training this coming Saturday, Feb. 24 at St. Louis Catholic School in Alexandria. It’s a straight shot down Richmond Hwy. (Rt. 1) past Krispy Kreme, Famous Dave’s, and the Beacon Center on the right to make a left turn at a stoplight with a small street sign on the left that says Popkins Lane. Once you turn onto Popkins, the church and school will be on your right. A small breakfast will be served, and registration begins at 8:15 a.m. Judges should preview materials which were emailed to them by their Problem Captain before training on Saturday. If they don’t think they have received them, please have them check their SPAM folder just in case. Training will end by 1:00 p.m. Please remind your judges that they must be trained and are essential to the running of the competition. If a team does not provide a trained judge, the team will receive a penalty at the competition.

Register Your Volunteers!

Now that your teams and judges are all registered, please make sure you have registered volunteers to serve at the regional meet for 2-hour periods using the link below:


If you know people willing to fill all day volunteer roles, we would love to have them register as well.  No training is required, and they could have the fun job of greeting teams for spontaneous, serving food to hungry judges, or selling clever knick-knacks at concessions.

Remember a judge is not the same as a volunteer.  A judge fills a different role in the tournament as they must be trained and work all day at the regional meet on March 17th.

The volunteers register and work for 2 hours either the Friday evening before the meet to help set up or during the meet on March 17th.  Also, typically, our volunteer coordinator can schedule your volunteer so they are able to see their child perform.  However, when teams or coordinators can register volunteers that do not have a child performing, like a teacher or community member, it makes scheduling even easier.  Failure to provide volunteers may result in your school’s teams receiving penalties.  Please use the guide on the chart below to determine how many volunteers your school/organization must provide and get them registered within the next two weeks.


Number of teams registered from our school

Number of volunteers our school must provide.















  See the pattern?

More Judges Needed!

If you have a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance who you think might be interested in serving as a judge for our region, please ask!  All it requires is …
1. Registering online:
hopefully within the next week or two since we need to figure out who will serve where.
2. Attending the mandatory training from 8:00a.m.- approximately 1:30 p.m. at St. Louis Catholic School on Sat. Feb. 24th (snowdate the following Saturday)
3. Serving all day 7:00 a.m. -about 4:00 p.m. at West Potomac H.S. on March 17, 2018. For this, you get breakfast, lunch, a cool t-shirt and a memorable experience which will convince you that young people have an amazing potential to creatively solve problems with a team.

This year we are suffering from a lack of judges. Most people aren’t aware that on top of the one judge that each team provides, many additional judges are needed to make the meet run smoothly. We are running short and would appreciate any help you might give us in spreading the word.

Registration for Problem 5: A Stellar Hangout Is Closed

Due to an overwhelming number of teams doing Problem 5 again this year and insufficient number of judges to run an additional site, we are closing registration for Problem 5.  We sincerely hope all teams have either registered on been in contact with us about any difficulties registering by now.  Late fees are in effect and we will be closing registration altogether by the end of January.  Please contact Pamela.Clark@apsva.us immediately if you intend to register for our regional tournament on March 17 at West Potomac H.S. and haven’t done so already.